In the future, the standard equipment of Plasser & Theurer machines will include the new Plasser Datamatic. The web-based system is user-friendly and can be configured individually. Access to the internet is all the operator needs to connect to the machines – no matter how far the distance. The system benefits all members of staff involved in the operation and maintenance of the machine: The management receives informative reports, providing the basis for strategic decisions. Fleet and maintenance managers can access information on the condition of the machines at any time, allowing for condition-based maintenance and enabling them to plan required measures ahead of time. Machine operators can carry out all maintenance operations safely and transparently via a smartphone app.

Plasser Datamatic is designed as an expandable platform. Currently, it is composed of two subsystems: The MachineConditionObserver (MCO) supplies relevant data on the machine status. Using the data, it regularly prepares reports. The MachineMaintenanceGuide (MMG) is a digital service booklet, taking the efficiency in machine maintenance to a whole new level.

PlasserDatamatic 2.0 supplies data on the machine’s condition online in an individual configuration.

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