A new ballast bed for soest

A clean ballast bed distributes train loads evenly over the substructure, making traffic safe thanks to a stable track geometry. However, if the ballast is too fouled, the track panel will no longer lie evenly. The solution: cleaning or replacing the ballast. Alongside machine operator Jens Meinhardt from Schweerbau, we travel to Soest, where he gives us an insight into the RM 900 ballast cleaning machine and his job.

Key facts:

  • Company: Schweerbau GmbH & Co. KG
  • Founded in 1929
  • Site of operation: Soest
  • Length of the construction site: approx. 7 km
  • Machine in use: RM 900 ballast cleaning machine
  • Task: ballast excavation and cleaning
  • Machine length: 79.49 m
  • Working kilometres per year: approx. 130 km
  • Machine operator in charge: Jens Meinhardt

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